Earth Wheel

EarthWheel is a metaphor for the “Medicine Wheel” technology which Shamen and pre-industrial era religions used as their base points.

Medicine Wheels  began to be used  millennia ago to shape and energize the practice of employing unseen energies and relationships in the Universe to heal and energize its creators and the people they served. Think of the Medicine Wheel as the Shaman’s “light saber” through which he actuated “the force”. That is a crude pop metaphor but this is very much how shamen thought of their “medicinal apparatus” and their efforts to use it to “become” the energy of  the “great spirit” to focus and broadcast a change they desired to create. 

This Earth Wheel website is an Iway technology to connect you and your medicine wheel with the full power of the “Earth Medicine Wheel”. See “The Long Story of the Medicine Wheel” for an introduction to the ethereal energetics which are employed and shaped by it, and the practices which actuate the technology.

“The force” which flows through all things manifests in the Earth plane in three primary dimensions:

  1. as the cosmic flux which forms into the orbital and ionic forces which create the ever-changing dynamics and structures of the Galaxies, Suns and Planets in our so-called material world.
  2. as the X dimensional energy which is felt, seen, and typically described as “the light” or “the spirit” through the ages by those who are aware of it.
  3. as the flow of evolving life forms which enables small cells drifting in the great cosmic ocean to “flower” through a long evolutionary process into planetary civilizations.

Link One To The Cosmic Flux:  The Changes In The Earth

under reconstruction 2021)

Link Two X Dimensional: The Medicine Wheel

(constuct from scratch during 2021)

Link Three:  The Human Emergence

(as events unfold and time permits)

To emerge as a planetary civilization with wide diversity, reality imposes material and x-dimensional logic which requires humanity to master the elements of “the flow” of the energy in “the force”.  This is not easy and requires a long time.  Mastery emerges in two ways:  personal and collective.  Mastery first appears “in person”.  Hence appears the shaman, the sages, and the great prophets.  Their combined influence of teaching, demonstrating, and manifesting the elements of mastery within “the flow of the forces” joins together like streams and rivers, and oceans to move the window of collective mastery into higher vistas.  

Understand then, the challenge is this:


Link With The Energy,


Actuate Your Own Wheel,


Find the Point of It.


~~~~~ D I V I N E    L  O  V  E ~~~~~


Understand the paradox of perfectly obvious and awesomely unknowable.


Employ the Shaman’s Edge,


Use the Wheel’s Edge to Shape Survival and Emergence.


Walk Always In The Grace, The Power, and the Glory of God,


which is say, the highest harmonic resonance of the fullest perceivable truth,


known in all cultures as


~~~~~ D I V I N E    L  O  V  E ~~~~~


 Use the power of this irresistable unseen “force” to transmute yourself and the world.



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